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Hallo to all Raja IT Customers, thank you for visiting our site https://rajait.id/ . There are website and mobile apps to you all everyone to get shopping. We provide all your needs with attractive and competitive offers.

We present these Terms & Conditions to all of you as everyone and loyal visitors of the Raja IT shopping site, in order to understand the rules for using them properly and comfortably. You must follow all the policy that we have put in place in order to expedite the current and future operations of our business. By reading, understanding and accessing this website, of course you have understood, accepted and agreed to the content that we have presented. All policies that we apply here are subject to change at any time. If you object to the rules we apply, please contact us and we can solve everything systematically and professionally.

A. Website and Mobile Apps Raja IT Usage

Anyone is as a visitor or active user of the Raja IT website and mobile apps, who has used all of its features and services, must comply with the following conditions:

- Infringe any copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade secret or other proprietary right.

- Pornography that violates the rules of civil and criminal law that apply both nationally in Indonesia and internationally.

- Contains viruses, bugs, and other harmful properties.

B. Intellectual Property Right

PT. Armindo Mandiri is the owner of the Raja IT property website and mobile apps. The entire information in it, is an intellectual property that is protected by Copyright Laws and other Intellectual Property Laws that apply throughout the world. All rights not stated in these Terms & Conditions or by Raja IT are hereby protected by the Software Ownership Act.

The name of Raja IT, icons, and logos inside website and mobile apps are registered trademarks in a legal capacity and protected by copyright, trademark or other Intellectual Property Rights Laws. Anyone is strictly prohibited from using, modifying, or posting the above-mentioned brands for personal gain and to discredit the business processes run by Raja IT.

C. Account Operational Settings

• All users of Raja IT, whether registered status, as buyers or sellers, are referred to as Raja IT Members. The Operations Team does not charge any fees to become an official member of the Raja IT.

• When the user is registered as an Raja IT Member, User is welcome to create an account name and password when completing the registration process.

• Raja IT members have the right to be buyers and sellers in accordance with the rules and policies which set by Raja IT.

• All members of Raja IT are required to fill in information completely and correctly, especially when registering using Google, Facebook, Apple, and other identities.

• Raja IT Operational Team is authorized to take action against users for violations of the Terms & Conditions that have been applied. Such as item deletion, store closure, account suspension, membership cancellation, and account deletion.

• If at any time it is found that the User is cheating and carrying out harmful activities in the business process on Raja IT site, then Raja IT Operations Team may impose a penalty or ask for compensation costs due to such actions.

• If Raja IT Member wants to close or delete an account, then what needs to be done is to contact Raja IT Customer Service. It is possible that Raja IT will save your important data, before closing/deleting is done.

• Raja IT Operations Team ensures that the process of closing or deleting Raja IT member accounts is in accordance with applicable Legal Policies and provisions.

• Raja IT member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the account name and password, and is fully responsible for all activities on behalf of the Registered User account name.

D. Raja IT Membership Responsibilities

• You can immediately notify Raja IT Operations Team when you find an alleged misuse of your member's account.

• Ensure that you as a Member of the Raja IT perform activities Logout from the account at the end of each session of activity on this site. We need to convey this to avoid misuse of the account.

• The Raja IT Operations Team has the right to limit, block or terminate the service of an account, and take legal steps to protect IT King Members or other users if IT King considers IT King members or other users violate applicable laws, violate intellectual property rights from related parties.

• Raja IT members are prohibited from using devices, software, other features that aim to manipulate the Raja IT system, including but not limited to: manipulating data, including browsing/scraping activities, automation activities in buying and selling transactions, promotions, and others. other. Other activities that can reasonably be judged as an act of system manipulation.

• Raja IT Operations Team has the right to suspend the refund of transaction cancellations, if fraud and/or violations of the Terms and Conditions are found no later than 30 days from the date of transaction cancellation.

• The Management of Raja IT never asks for the User's Account Password, Verification SMS, or OTP for any reason. Therefore, through this statement, Raja IT conveys to users to keep the information confidential to any party, either a third party or a party on behalf of the Operational Team of Raja IT.

• Raja IT has the right to summon problematic users to the Raja IT office, if fraud and/or violations of terms and conditions are found that cause harm to other users, third parties, or Raja IT.

• Refunds will be made by Raja IT, if there is an order cancellation, order error, price error caused by Raja IT Operational team, and others.

• Refunds will be made using the applicable mechanism, according to the payment method chosen by the User when making a transaction on the Raja IT website.

• Raja IT Members are not allowed to sell or transfer their Account, User Identity or Password to third parties without the knowledge and prior written consent of Raja IT.

• Raja IT has the right to terminate the account of the Raja IT member or the account of the party receiving the transfer from the Raja IT member. If with the limited ability of the Raja IT in identifying this violation, then all consequences, risks are the responsibility of the Raja IT Member who diverts.

E. Terms in Regarding Transactions and Shipping

• Buyers are required to transact through the transaction terms that have been set by Raja IT Team. The payment method is chosen by the Buyer, and Raja IT Team will process the order according to the applicable conditions.

• The Buyer understands and agrees that all transactions made between the Buyer and the Seller other than through King IT official payments and/or without the knowledge of King IT (through private facilities/network, sending messages, special transaction arrangements outside Raja IT site or other efforts) are the responsibility of Buyer's personal responsibility.

• Raja IT Management can only send every product/service that has been ordered by the User, after knowing and getting payment funds from the User correctly and in accordance with the value of the product/service purchased or the nominal transaction from the User.

• The delivery time is adjusted to the service area of the destination area. For shipments that use expeditions, Raja IT cooperates with service couriers accompanied by insurance to prevent loss or damage during transit.

• All complaints about shipping are the responsibility of The Logistics company/shipping company that works with Raja it.

• Raja IT will facilitate between the User and the Logistics/Shipping Company that cooperates with King IT. In this case, the User agrees to indemnify Raja IT for all claims and losses suffered by the User related to the product/service delivery process.

• Some of the products purchased from Raja IT, are equipped with a warranty period that is adjusted to the manufacturer's warranty for each product.

• Items that have been purchased cannot be returned or exchanged for other items unless there is a prior agreement.

• Every maximum effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all the information contained. PT. Armindo Mandiri, through Raja IT, does not guarantee with all due respect the accuracy of the data, including product specifications and editorials.

• If within the warranty period, there is damage to the goods, Raja IT Members can directly contact Raja IT.

• Raja IT cooperates with Payment Gateway as a third party in organizing credit card transactions, and is supported by a password feature to ensure the security of credit card transactions and other personal data.

• Raja IT has the right to cancel credit card transactions if there is a purchase of goods using a credit card that violates the legal provisions and/or the terms and conditions of Raja IT.

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